Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Oh, happy day!

There are a couple of things I am happy for today. Number one is the fact I have just finished piecing all the Giraffic Park tops, Yeah! Now to embroider the little faces on them and quilt them. Yay! Number two is this is the first day of my most recent retirement. That job just didn't work out for me. I gave it a try, however after not working and having a routine of sorts,  I decided to move on. So, now back to quilting and all that jazz.
News from my little corner; my step daughter had her baby, all is well. My oldest son will be having his first child in December. My other son surprized us with the news he, also will be having a baby in December.  All of the Giraffic Park quilts now have homes to go to. Hence, the need to finish them. However, now I'm hoping there won't be any more babies if I give all of them the same quilt.
I laid out all the tops I pieced before I started working on the upstairs bed. I have lots to quilt, this will take a while.
I bought this pattern  from Amy Bradley's website and want to make my sisters and sister-in-law each one. We vacation at my brother's house every summer and swim in his pool. I will use Frieda Anderson's technique for the applique. I will make them as art pieces, not intended for washing.

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