Monday, March 12, 2012

Today is Monday!

Ok, that is because I couldn't come up with a better title.
Dreary day here, rain and cloudy. I have errands to run and I need to
stop at the gym.
On Friday, two of my friends and I will be heading to a small retreat for
the weekend. We look forward to this all year. I have been thinking about
what to take for weeks now. I want to take things already kitted up and ready to
sew. That means preparation. I tend to be a last minute person, however, I am
willing to change.
There is a paper pieced project that has been calling my name for some time now.
I worked on it yesterday and will continue today until I have all the pieces ready to
kit up. My big machine has a thread cutter on it and makes paper piecing so much
easier. I almost love it now! So, I wanted to have that done so I didn't need to
drag that machine along. It is so heavy.
I had more of the Nancy Halvorsen fabric left after the Spring Showers top and the blocks I sewed into a top. Did I post that one? It is not done yet. I need to add borders to it. So, with what was left, (I didn't want to put it back into the stash, it is so pretty all by itself) I had just enough...and that was cutting it close, to make another circle log cabin
top. I will take that with me.
Also, from what was left of the brown and pink fabrics I sewed half square triangle units and have them all ready to take.
That is three projects. There is another one that keeps pulling at me. A couple of weeks ago I brought out all of my hand dyed fabrics and sorted and organized them. That was a zen moment for me. Lets all take a deep breath here. There is something about hand
dyed fabrics and the rich colors I dye that really does it for me. Even more than the blue
I love. Getting back to this project. I save the smallest of scraps from my hand dyes.
I have bags with squares, different sizes. and bits, and bigger bits, all waiting for
a purpose. I need to mull over what to do with these. I'm thinking just sew them together....
Also, The Quilt Show has a BOM that I keep checking out.
Not sure if I will start that one, but it sure is cool.
Ok, I need to go do errands while the rain has stopped.
Have a great day!


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Good memories

A friend of mine died from cancer. Today was the viewing. How sad for those of us that lost such a dear friend. I have so many good memories of the times we shared. Each memory has us laughing. That is how I picture her now. She endured a lot at the end and now is at peace. I mourn her passing, I am glad her suffering is over. I will see her again.
Rest in peace, Mary.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Just a quick post.

Well, the job is just that, a job. I work tomorrow and not scheduled again until April 4. However, I found out last night that I will get a call if someone calls off. I could have worked today, they called at 10 last didn't occur to me I would get a last minute call. My work clothes weren't washed and I was not mentally prepared to open the cafe without someone elses experience. I will do the other job that I was trained for alone, tomorrow and I am ready for that. However, I ran through all the steps to open the cafe and I am confident I can do it with minor flaws. This thing of starting a new job and learning outside of my box is foreign to me. So, I declined to work. I will explain to Jodi tomorrow I was wrong and should have opted to work. That is, after all, why I was hired to work as needed...
 Looks like we will have sun today. Yayy!!
Have a great day,