Sunday, February 12, 2012

Feeling like a slacker....

Let me explain. I am working on all these giraffic park baby quilts trying to get them all finished. I was looking through my quilt journal record and discovered I bought the pattern at a regional quilt show in March of 2004 and the first one I finished was gifted in January of 2005. What year is it? 2012. Oh my, no wonder I feel the need to get them finished. Just to set the record straight why there are multiples of the same quilt, the pattern series cost $42. Making more than one was the only way I could justify making this purchase. At one time I went through all my UFO's and made decisions as to whether there was enough interest to warrant more of my time. These still were the sweetest baby quilts. Yes, I would finish them. Originally I was making them for my nephews, twins that are now first graders. Now, I have two grandchildren and another on the way. This is  a Mckenna Ryan pattern and her instructions are to make these as art quilts, using paperbacked fusible web to fuse the pieces to the background and using the quilting as an edge finish to the pieces. I tried that and wanted something more permanent, so, I am button hole stitching all these pieces. I think I am pretty good at it, although, this is pretty boring. However, ta da, I am almost finished. How many times have I wanted to put them away and start something new? Many. I start the new job on Wednesday and I want these done before then. This might happen. The happy dance hasn't started.......... yet. Once the applique is done I will need to do some hand embroidery to finish it before the quilting.
Now you know what my day will be.
Have a great day!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Another top!!

is Spring Showers.

This is a pattern
from Vintage Spools that I have had in the works for a very long time.
It is all machine appliqued with the buttonhole stitch. I am so happy to have it done. I find the stitching to be very boring on the side of falling asleep, but you can't because you'll screw up the stitches.
I start the new job Wednesday. At 5:30. I only get up at that hour for a short trip and then back in bed. Still working on all those giraffic park tops. I may have a party when those are all done. That will be party worthy.
Have a great day!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Another quilt for my bed.

This is a Rocky Road to Kansas quilt in blues and browns. As I was sorting through all the leftover parts from other quilts, I pulled out the browns and blues. I also pulled out reds and greens for the Christmas pickle and the log cabin cirles. (There are more tops in this rubbermaid tote to be made.) This is done, binding on and stitched down, ready to use. WooHoo!!
Done is good.
I have been trying to finish my UFO's before I start the new job tomorrow. I still have all the giraffic parks to finish appliqueing and a border to add to the last top I made. That is about it for tops. There are 9 tops to quilt. All are twin size. I'm not worried about those, it's the unfinished tops that loose their luster over time.
Now it's time for some football.
Have a great day!