Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New quilt top!

There are days I think I may be possessed. I can't seem to get enough sewing time. There is always another quilt on the horizon waiting to come forward to fill my thoughts.
Here is a picture of the circle log cabin I finished.
Let me tell you. Circles are my thing. And if I can get a circle with a straight seam, I'm a happy camper. This was in Marti Michell's log cabin book. This is the second quilt top I was able to piece all from scraps in the one Rubermaid tote. I am working on the third one now. It is not time effecient to work with scraps over yardage. However, it has to be done at some point, or what is the point of scraps?
This week I have cut and sewn 480 half square triangles. Today I will piece those together to make 120 pinwheels. I am working on the Christmas Pickle pattern from Possibilities. I decided to set up my other machine for the paper piecing I will be sewing today. It has a thread cutter and will make paper piecing easier.
This will only have 24 blocks in it. I am making twin size quilts right now. A friend of mine once told me, they all don't have to be big.... Thank you Beth.
So, now you know what my day will be.
Have a great day!

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