Friday, December 2, 2011

Going on a road trip!

Last year there were four of us that travelled by train to Chicago just to have the experience. This year I am travelling with my sister in a chartered bus from our town. Just because. I am looking forward to it and hope it meets my expectations of a great day.
I have been busy sewing on the presents I will give my friends for Christmas. We are to gather at our friends house next week.
I am getting my unfinished projects lined up. It is time to finish what I have started. Oh, but I am leaning toward starting something new. However, I am fighting the urges. So far, so good. Wish me luck.
My guild has an annual retreat the middle of January. There are lots of classes taught during this weekend. I mostly work on my own projects. I need to decide what I want to work on this year. It is always a good thing to go with everything cut out and ready to just sit and sew.
All the quilts I finished for my friend have been delivered. She was so glad they are done. I am so happy they are not here and done.
That catches you up on my life, such as it is.
Have a great day!


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