Monday, November 21, 2011


I finally
finished all the quilts from a friend. They are delivered and we all are happy.
This measures 84 1/2" by 100 inches. I did a new to me edge to edge on my
machine. A star and a feather plume. I was very happy with the results.
Two of the others I did the usual Chinese crescent edge to edge and one I did
a stitch in the ditch. I was afraid of a lot of quilting on that one for fear of it
puckering. She understood and was very happy. I am glad they are now a memory.
I don't look for work.
So, now I can focus on my stuff. You would think if I can finish a friends'
UFO's, finishing mine should be easy. I don't have as many as some do, but I
am not totally free either.
The last time I was at my son's house I brought home the quilt I gave him for college
graduation. His dogs had chewed it. I trimmed it down and attached a new
binding. It would have taken longer to fix all the places that were chewed than
it was to start over. So, now it's a bit smaller than it was, but it is usable now.
We are going up on Saturday, I will take it back then.
Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.

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