Sunday, September 11, 2011

Great news!

I went to the Shelby Apple fest Quilt show today and this is what I saw when I got there.
 In case you can't see what the ribbon says, it was for Best Of Show Hand quilting.
Wow, I was so surprised. I love to hand quilt, that, I know for sure. Besides this I also won 1st place for my morning glory quilt and a 2nd place for the yellow baby quilt and a 2nd place for my Bugs quilt. I entered 6 quilts and came home with 4 ribbons. Oh, and some nice prize money too.

Tomorrow I plan on marking a few small whole cloth pieces. On Tuesday I want to start the dyeing process. I have everything I need assembled. It will be an all day job, I think.

Still on the cloud,

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