Saturday, September 10, 2011


We are toasting to something, we seemed to do a lot of that.
I know it has been awhile since my last update. I will update the life that has happened and what is in the future. I met up with all my siblings at my brothers house for a long weekend over Labor Day. We do this every year and we all love it. Even my sister-in-law that has all the work involved, although we try to help where we can.
I have decided it is time to organize my space. My storage area for all my "stuff" is in 2 upstairs rooms and we don't heat these rooms in the winter. I was there in November last year and really haven't spent any time there, other than grabbing what I needed and dropping off what was in the way downstairs. Can you imagine the chaos! Remember the guy Oprah would have on her show that went into hoarders homes and helped them find order? I can't remember his name, however, I remember his mantra. Sort, purge, assign, containerize and eliminate or something like that. Who knew? That is precisely what I was doing and then it occurred to me, huh. Revelation! This is how organized people live. It has never been me. Didn't take before pictures, should take after....So,now that it is where it is. I will move things and clean good before the winter sets in. I saw my daughter-in-law over the weekend and told her she could thank me now, unless I live another 20 years and by then it will be back to this. The artistic mind works from the left side, all I'm saying.
I entered the local fair back in August and out of 7 entries I received 5 first places, one third a best of show for my work. Pretty happy with the outcome.
I have 6 pieces in a show this weekend, another local venue. I won't know how they did until tomorrow when I attend.
I have plans to dye fabric next week before the weather turns cold and I missed the opportunity to do it outside. I need to read my book to jog my memory and assemble the ingredients. I have the instructions on over dyeing and it results in some very deep colors that I love. I will have the camera handy to capture my progress.
I have another whole cloth baby quilt in progress. This is for my nephew and his wife. I bought cotton sateen from Joann's and it is not anywhere near the quality of the quilt I made for Isabel. Pity. I didn't have a local outlet for the better stuff. On our way home from our weekend, we stopped at Fabric Shack and I was tickled to find some there.
I am making progress on the pieces I am finishing for a friend. 3 are done and three might be done shortly with one left. That one is just cut out, no piecing done on it.
That should update my life and times.
No promises given on when I may return.
Life is good!

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