Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New day!

I woke early and have had a busy day. My first trip of the day is always to my garden to see what is new there. I harvested what will probably be supper. There were a few summer squashes and zucchini ready and the bees were already buzzing the blooms. Keep it up fellas. This year I tried a variety of lettuce new to me and it will be in the garden from now on. It is Green Ice. A savoyed leaf and it hasn't bolted yet. I like the texture and it has a nice flavor. There were enough beets ready for our supper and more side shoots from the broccoli. All clean and ready! Yum! I love it when my garden starts producing like this. All my labor is now being rewarded. I got my walk in early. It will be hot later. No wind, so I sprayed some weeds. I'm just now enjoying my first cup. Planning the rest of my day. I pieced backs for the pieces I am finishing for a friend. After I baste them together I will spend the day machine quilting most of them. I think I will be finished with this by weeks end.
Have a great day!

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