Monday, July 11, 2011

A bit of catching up

I have been busy in my garden. Today we had some rain, now, I hope to be knee deep in summer squashes. I still have some lettuce, the broccoli is in abundance and the tomatoes have grown tall and are full of both blooms and tomatoes. Life is good. On the quilting front, I have some contract work I am doing. Just finishing up someone elses UFO's. I guess if she can pay me to do it, I can finish them up. Pondering over whether or not to enter quilts into the Allen Co. fair. I will go for the judging, not sure if I will enter this year. I visited my ds and dil in S. Carolina last week. I took with me their quilt for Christmas, woohoo! I also have the quilt done for my other ds and dil. I am ahead of the game this year. That doesn't happen very often.
Have a great day!

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