Wednesday, July 20, 2011

This and that

I haven't been blogging about quilting lately. I have three of my friends pieces quilted and the binding is on all three. I need to sew the binding down and those will be done. I put the others aside for now. I'm finally back to the two baby quilts I basted several months ago. It took me some time to find the fabric I set aside for the binding. It was in the last place I looked and the last place it could have been. I am pondering the yellow whole cloth quilt I will design for Isabel. When these are done, that will be what I tackle next.
Let me tell you about a new dish I fixed for supper last night. I made squash pancakes out of shredded zucchini and summer squash. There has been lots of experiments around this household with the abundance of garden produce. I did not take pictures, however, I will make sure to have my camera ready from now on. I shredded the squash and added a little salt to start the weeping process. I put it in a colander, somewhere I read to squeeze it in a kitchen towel but I could see it sticking and making a mess. After this sets and you think all the water that you can squeeze is out. Put it in a bowl and add and egg, some dry bread crumbs, I added parsley, some basil chopped onion, garlic powder and pepper. Mix it up, make patties and fry it in some canola oil.
This is a keeper for us. We always discuss the concoctions I come up with so I don't make something again that wasn't a hit the first time.
I dried some basil leaves the other day. They didn't take long. And another batch of squash. I am looking forward to drying tomatoes.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What a beautiful day!

The weather is great here! It has cooled down from yesterday and there is a nice breeze. I spent 2 hours in the flower and vegetable gardens weeding and collecting things that are ready. More squashes and a couple of tomatoes were ready. Woohoo! I am thinking of bringing down the dehydrator and trying my hand with summer squash and zucchini. I am not knee deep yet, but with all the ones coming on I will be. I finished two of the tops for my friend and working on another. These are all from homespun, not my choice, and I will use the same fabric for binding on all three of these. There are three more tops and one that has not been pieced yet.
Have a great day!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New day!

I woke early and have had a busy day. My first trip of the day is always to my garden to see what is new there. I harvested what will probably be supper. There were a few summer squashes and zucchini ready and the bees were already buzzing the blooms. Keep it up fellas. This year I tried a variety of lettuce new to me and it will be in the garden from now on. It is Green Ice. A savoyed leaf and it hasn't bolted yet. I like the texture and it has a nice flavor. There were enough beets ready for our supper and more side shoots from the broccoli. All clean and ready! Yum! I love it when my garden starts producing like this. All my labor is now being rewarded. I got my walk in early. It will be hot later. No wind, so I sprayed some weeds. I'm just now enjoying my first cup. Planning the rest of my day. I pieced backs for the pieces I am finishing for a friend. After I baste them together I will spend the day machine quilting most of them. I think I will be finished with this by weeks end.
Have a great day!

Monday, July 11, 2011

A bit of catching up

I have been busy in my garden. Today we had some rain, now, I hope to be knee deep in summer squashes. I still have some lettuce, the broccoli is in abundance and the tomatoes have grown tall and are full of both blooms and tomatoes. Life is good. On the quilting front, I have some contract work I am doing. Just finishing up someone elses UFO's. I guess if she can pay me to do it, I can finish them up. Pondering over whether or not to enter quilts into the Allen Co. fair. I will go for the judging, not sure if I will enter this year. I visited my ds and dil in S. Carolina last week. I took with me their quilt for Christmas, woohoo! I also have the quilt done for my other ds and dil. I am ahead of the game this year. That doesn't happen very often.
Have a great day!